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Valentino Rossi In Qatar

first in Qatar, Valentino Rossi is beyond words, even though he is in position 2 is not a problem. I rate Rossi yamaha motor far behind than once owned stoner Ducati motorcycles, especially in the straight track.

This is very visible when Rossi on lap 10 began to pursue stoner who see only 2 seconds, when I was sure I could overtake Rossi stoner, but when it enters last lap stoner far left Rossi to 5 seconds.

With this conclusion I take the Fiat Yamaha have to work hard to find a good setting for the rossi motor, if rossi want to become world champion again. as already seen once this significant difference.

Hopefully for the next race at Japan's Motegi circuit, Rossi can dominate again, like in the year ago.

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