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Pekan Batik International

To enliven Pekan Batik Internasional (PBI) 2 in the city of Pekalongan. Department of Transportation and Tourism (Dishubpar) prepare batik carnival, both vehicle and decorative fashion parade.

According to the Head of Tourism Dishubpar, Drs Doyo Budi Wibowo MM, government has taken various preparatory activities two-year agenda to be held April 29 - May 3.

"Implementation of this activity is actually carried out by the Department of Industry Trade and Cooperation (Disperindagkop). We prepare a variety of events related to tourism, such as the carnival, "he said.

Mentioned, the current event organizer (EO) will be prepared in the event center from Jakarta, because of activities in cooperation with the central government. "EO is selected by the center, will conduct various events in the regulation of Pekalongan," he said.

Batik akbar campaign event, the gala was held in a variety of supporting events, such as the batik workshop, fashion show and several exhibitions. The event focused on the area of road which is the environment Jetayu objects heritage.

Further explained, performance Pekan Batik Internasional (PBI) will be attended by ministers and foreign guests. "Now that this has been confirmed from the embassy, there are four countries will be present at this event, but we have not clearly state-country," Doyo demolished.

He hoped, with a routine agenda terselenggaranya two annual PBI in the City of Batik, batik can be more memopulerkan as Indonesian culture. Therefore, the implementation of this year take the theme Batikku, our batik, batik world. "For the parties interested and involved in these activities can contact Pemkot Pekalongan," said he.

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