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70% of BlackBerry in Indonesia illegally

Operators eventually recognize, from the hundreds of thousands of BlackBerry devices that circulate in Indonesia, 70% of which is a device that illegal entry through the black market alias (BM).

One operator who confess overwhelmed with the BM product is Excelcomindo Pratama (XL). This service eventually decide to stop the smart phone directly from Research in Motion (Rim) is since 2008 ago.

"We handle the sale of BlackBerry dizziness. Price is never stable because of too many blackmarket. Finally we decided to stop the sell and deliver it through our distributor partners," said Handono Warih, Blackberry and 3G Broadband Manager Enterprise & Carrier XL, in the event Talkshow BlackBerry Day, Menara Jamsostek, Jakarta, Thursday (23/4/2009).

Currently, BlackBerry users in Indonesia reached 250 thousand. This figure is a combination of three operators, namely Indosat, XL, and Telkomsel.

Board members Committee Regulation Telekomunikasi Indonesia (BRTI) Heru Sutadi acknowledge, illegal circulation BlackBerry in Indonesia is very high. "The value loss can even reach trillion rupiah in one year," he said.

On the other hand, Group Brand Marketing Head Indosat Teguh Prasetya, BlackBerry illegal market growth should be the challenge for operators to be more innovative services to develop a more optimal, and the device that causes the price more affordable.

"With the higher sales growth in the official Blackberry Indonesia akan trigger drop in price. Not if possible not later down the price to Rp 1 million," his hope.

Jamil explained, BlackBerry marketed through the official service partners have a variety of advantages, among others, to provide ease of service, has many variations of content and applications, service after sales, technical and other assistance.

"Therefore, we and other operators will incentive to campaign together for the official use of BlackBerry in Indonesia," he said.

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