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IT KPU slow, the Government Ready to Take a Hand

The government finally step in the case against inaction KPU IT system calculates results Election 2009. This step is not as an intervention against the KPU, but to ensure the deadline terpenuhinya official announcement of the end of legislative elections.

Said President SBY in the field of coordination meetings Polkam in the Office of the President, Jakarta, Senin (20/4/2009). Meetings attended by Coordinating Minister Widodo AS Polhukam, human rights Menkum Andi Mattalata, Attorney General Hendarman Supandji, Kapolri Bambang HD and cabin Syamsir Siregar.

"Well, we want to pinch the ball is not intervention, but how do we ensure that people have certainty that the calculation can be sesusai right time," he said.

Although the phase delay of the field, the president still be convinced the process can take place more quickly in the recapitulation. Living the problem is how to enter results of manual calculations that can be called a more-rapid calculation of IT to the IT KPU sitem recapitulation at the time of the integrated and comprehensive.

The first step to be taken is to request Mendagri Mardiyanto
communicate with the KPU range. The goal is to ask whether the certainty of the KPU is scheduled for early May as a result of the determination of Election 2009 can ditepati.

"I ask the Menkopolhukam deliver on Mendagri that communicate with the KPU if the timeline can be met," said SBY.

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