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Moto GP On Motegi

After the start, Valentino Rossi leads directly go. Casey Stoner while the less good at the beginning and skipped directly and Chris Vermeulen and Dani Pedrosa. The extraordinary, Pedrosa from the start position 11!

Through one lap, Pedrosa can then stalk to position two, even while Stoner's sixth place to seventh and then. Really bad for the beginning of Stoner.

Pedrosa Lorenzo was threatened, but he can still overcome the peer setim Rossi. Pedrosa Rossi still stalk in two positions, despite Lorenzo not far stick. Nicky Hayden while terpuruk already visible at the track.

Lorenzo eventually be increased to two positions with 23 lap remaining. There behind Pedrosa, Andrea Dovizioso, Marco Melandri, Chris Vermeulen and Stoner.

Time continue to be cut Lorenzo Rossi. The Doctor can truly serious threat from their own colleagues with the 20 lap still sweep. While Melandri is already a mistake, so I passed Stoner and Vermeulen.

Stoner must pursue not only the drivers but also the foremost threat from Melandri who is now already in the back, with a 19 lap remaining. In the back, Toni Elias looks out despite the track still try again.

Position of the two leads is still predominantly Rossi and Lorenzo, in which both of them stick to the more closely. Pedrosa trail not far behind them with 16 lap remaining. Stoner and Dovizioso in positions four and five while.

Lorenzo Rossi pass! But Lorenzo curve too wide and can dibalap again by Rossi. Not long after, Lorenzo bermanuver again and pass Rossi. This time Rossi can not take over the position again.

Still remaining lap 15, still leads the race so arena duo Yamaha, Honda duo dibuntuti. Lorenzo first, Rossi second, followed by Pedrosa and Dovizioso.

Living awaits lap 11, with five front position has not changed. Previously, after Gibernau no right turn and lost control at the motor end to the track edge.

Eight lap remaining. Rossi passes Pedrosa! But it's only right because Pedrosa Rossi passed away again. Both still hold each other tight fight, despite the final two positions can be secured Rossi. Temporarily.

Rossi and Pedrosa for the position of the two! This time Rossi passes Pedrosa and maintain the position of the two six-lap remaining. But whoa. Rossi not long pass Pedrosa again later! Rossi can turn a draw away from Pedrosa.

With the three-lap remaining, Stoner approached more Dovizioso. Continue to stalk strict, even Stoner precede Dovizioso finally able to sit in the position of the four!

Stoner maneuver that ultimately make him remain in position until the final four races. Position three is also not change leads, with Lorenzo in the first position, followed by Pedrosa and Rossi.

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