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Select Photos With Pen Tools

Within the Adobe Photoshop to select the object in detail is very difficult sometimes, when I still learn new (heheh), I select the image to / the object image is better with a pen Tools (why not using lassotols / poligonal lasso tools) patient .. selection for the general public usually using that tools, but i don't like, we can not undo (ctrl + alt + z) if an error occurred in the selection, but with the Pen Tools overcame it may, let's try ..

  • Open A Picture / Photo
  • Click Pen Tools :
  • Change Properties Bar for Pen Tools become: Path
  • Start to select images, in case of error in select press (ctrl + alt + z) or see the history panel.
  • After the image pitch selection, the next step is right click - Make selection
  • Changes Feather value : 2 - 10
  • Next step is to copy the new layer to the selection and press (ctrl + j)
  • Lets Try .. :)

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