Too Much Talk Will Kill You

ARP Spoofing

Having been the most frustrating things, especially all the network computers to be slow and the client computer hangs, even though already terDeepFreez tetep just hangs. I experienced this some time ago when all the computers on the network into the computer hangs or will not even be able, after I was through it caused by a virus ARP menginfeksi if only one computer then the computer will be the attacker in the network, This caused the computer to manipulate the infected gateway in the network. Here is a little snippets about ARP spoofing of

Because the patch is done automatically by Microsoft (Windows XP SP 2, Vista) effective dissemination of the virus that exploit security cleah Microsoft OS / MS Office, the

switch the malware attacks exploit rift with popular security applications outside of Microsoft OS, such as Adobe Acrobat, Firefox and Winamp. Unfortunately, cleft

security attack is not limited to the application but have menjurus at higher levels such as ARP spoofing. Currently, in the internet wilderness current one

viruses that exploit security cleft ARP spoofing and confuse the network administrator. This virus is able to forge the Mac Address proxy / router in the spread

himself so that all the computers in the intranet through a computer will be infected with the virus each time browsing. Besides, technically, due to potential

caused by ARP spoofing is quite chilling, including threats to the security of financial transactions through the Internet.

The virus is also known by the name Microsoft.bat; JS_PSYME.CPZ; W32/Agent.FUVR; Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.byh; HEUR / Exploit.HTML; Mal / ObfJS-X

Forge with the virus file name Microsoft.bat working forge MAC Address Router / Proxy, and disrupt the connection and the internet and intranet and how to overcome

and prevent the virus or viruses that exploit security cleft ARP spoofing return menginfeksi network.

Antivirus is not enough
Using anti-virus alone is not enough, because the PC is not infected but the other PC in the intranet forge Router Mac Address. Although the PC is

protected with the antivirus update, if the host / virus source in the intranet is not identified and not cleaned it in a short time the new variant

issued will be able to penetrate the defense program antivirus update though.

Protect 1.Rekomendasi ARP (New Update)

Tools Download the following:
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